Unique Cabinet with Wooden Hinges

black walnut and curly maple cabinet Just surfin’ the interwebs and came across this beautiful cabinet made by Al Navas, Co-Owner of Sandal Woods Fine Woodworking.

It’s made of Black Walnut and Curly Maple.

The figuring of the maple is downright gorgeous!

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to the level to attempt a project like this, but I truly appreciate the time and skill involved to create this piece.

You can learn Al’s technique for making Wooden Hinges on the F3 Finger Joint Template (PDF download) at the Leigh jigs site.



This video shows the hinges in operation:



Nature’s Influence on Architecture

While I was looking around, I found this interesting image on Al’s site via giant Cypress.

Anyone who’s familiar with design or architecture will recognize the graphic. And yes, that’s hurricane Irene

The Golden Ratio Strikes again.

Golden Ratio superimposed over hurricane Irene 


Images: Al Navas; World Shaker

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