Stopcock Caulk

typical tubes of caulk We put men on the moon in 1969, in a lunar landing module that I’m pretty sure had less onboard RAM than my 1986 Chevette, yet we’ve only just recently, achieved the technological breakthrough in caulking tube design, that can miraculously stop the caulk from continuing to ooze out of the tube, even after you release the trigger. This is 2012, right?

So whose the caulking genius that finally came up with this idea?

A simple solution

I ran across this product the other day while strolling through the intertubes and I thought, "neat". SiliconePro – made by CornerTape – features an astoundingly simple solution to an age-old problem that’s confounded us for decades. "The Anti Drip Valve and Pre-Cut Nozzle System … designed & patented by CornerTape" will no doubt help give CornerTape a competitive edge in the market. The shutoff valve is a hands down winner in my books, and I’ll just have to assume the caulk inside is a good quality product, since it seems to only be available in the UK.

siliconepro product screenshotBut I do have some concerns about achieving a "competitive edge" when caulking my bathtub with that 3" of multicoloured doodads stacked on the business end of the tube. Maybe the control is unaffected – or better yet, enhanced by the extra length – I just don’t know. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on all counts – except for the pile of unused plastic nozzles they’re creating if they’re included with EVERY tube.

Caulk between a rock and a hardplace

So when, if ever, will we non-UKers see this revolutionary caulking technology in our local hardware stores? No doubt, a cheap imitation was available in Chinese hardware stores within hours of CornerTape’s initial press release. Will we have to wait for the patent to expire decades from now, freeing caulking manufacturers around the world to get on board the stopcock bandwagon?

Maybe this is the perfect project to play around with when I (someday) get my 3-D printer. Once I get it right, I can upload the object file so you can print your own.

caulking nozzle with cap dwg In the meantime, I’d be happy if they’d just supply a screw-on cap.

How hard could THAT be?

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2 thoughts on “Stopcock Caulk

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  2. Rick,
    What works well for me on tubes of caulk are larger size wire nuts of the type that have wings on either side. They’re threaded inside and easily create threads on the outside of the tube. Not an original idea, but one that seems to work very well. Thanks!

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