Stonehaven Recycling Bin Cabinet – Woodworking Plans

stonehaven-recycling-cabinet-open-v2This Recycling Bin Cabinet is an original Stonehaven design that combines the style and charm of an antique furniture piece with the practical management of your household recycling

Just open the drawer and drop your recyclables into the proper roadside bin. On recycling day you grab the bin and take it to the curb for pickup. How easy is that?

The cabinet is 45 1/2"w x 23 1/4"d x 43 1/2"h and features a narrow pine face frame with inset slab drawers and doors. The cabinet interior and drawer boxes are a natural finish birch plywood. The top is solid pine.

The complete woodworking plans are now available to build this beautiful and practical cabinet.

No more messy mudroom

This recycling bin cabinet was an integral part of the planning for a mudroom-veranda renovation we undertook several years ago – replacing a crowded and drafty space where the stacked recycling bins inevitably got buried under a pile of cardboard boxes, flyers, plastic containers & cans to be sorted ‘later’.

stonehaven-recycling-cabinet-closed-v2When recycling day rolled around each month, it was a chore to dig out the bins and sort through everything and then get the bins out for pickup.

Everyday home recycling should be easy – just two simple steps.

  1. put it in the proper bin as soon as it’s deemed "recycling"
  2. get that bin to the curb on recycling day

Hidden in plain sight

The true nature of this classic furniture-style cabinet is masked by the illusion of the four equal height drawer fronts and frame midrails. Behind the facade, two large roadside recycling bins sit in shallow drawers for easy access and removal on recycling day. 

It’s sized for our 26"L x 16"D x 14"H roadside bins so you may need to adjust some dimensions for larger bins.

Quality drawer guides make a difference

I chose to use Blum Tandem BLUMOTION soft-close guides for the shallow drawers in the upper tier and heavy-duty Accuride guides for the recycling drawers.

This short video shows the drawers in action.


Finishing touches

stonehaven-recycling-cabinet-closeup-drawer-v2 The two decorative pilasters help to highlight the 3/4" depth difference between the upper and lower tiers. I wanted a “mildly distressed” finish to suit our old farmhouse so I gave the pine exterior a few bumps and dings before staining it with two coats of different colour stains.

This cabinet would look great in any species of wood with any type of finish so open up your mind to the possibilities.

The cabinet described in these plans can be placed between two tall storage cabinets or in an alcove between two walls, however it could easily be adapted to stand alone by adding appropriately-styled finished ends.

Build Your Own Recycling Bin Cabinet

With a few moderate woodworking skills and tools, and our easy-to-follow construction plans, now you can build your own Stonehaven Recycling Bin Cabinet – or hand them over to your favourite custom cabinetmaker to build it for you.

These plans include detailed diagrams and colour photographs, a materials and hardware list, and complete step-by-step instructions — all in a 29-page printable PDF file.

recycling-cabinet-plans-sample-pages2 (To check out the quality of the printable document you’ll get with Stonehaven woodworking plans, click on the small picture at right to download a FREE sample page.)

Buy Now — Securely and Conveniently — and Download Your Plans Instantly

Plans to build your own Stonehaven Recycling Bin Cabinet are available for US $19.95 (plus GST/HST in Canada) — with secure online payment and instant delivery. Plans are supplied in printable PDF format.

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Stonehaven woodworking plans are for your personal, non-commercial use only. For licensing arrangements to build and sell our designs, please contact us.

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