Stonehaven Garden Planting Cart – Woodworking Plans

stonehaven garden cart promo 1 The Stonehaven Garden Planting Cart is a unique multi-purpose tool designed for small backyard or patio gardens and greenhouses – and a great woodworking project.

This lightweight cedar cart has a 15" deep well for compost or potting soil. The 51/2" high compost screen allows you to sift your garden compost directly into the cart – ready to use in seed trays and plant pots. Stack the shallow planting tray on top and you have two levels to load up with seedling trays and annuals ready for a planting expedition around the yard or patio.

The adjustable handle has three horizontal and three angled positions to suit your height and activity. The cover keeps soil or compost dry and doubles as a handy work surface or seat.

Overall cart size (excluding handle & trays) – 33 3/4"l x 18"w x 19 1/2"h

the cart is narrow enough to use in a greenhouse or potting shed

planting cart-compost screen-planting tray & cover  The Stonehaven Garden Planting Cart was designed to fit through the 18” wide door of our “tomato cage” – a dog kennel re-purposed to keep critters out of the valuables.


  • tongue and groove construction for strength and durability
  • 7" or 8" wheels (recycled from a retired lawnmower or purchased new)
  • dowel “buttons” lock the handle into any of the six adjustable positions.

Compost screen tray

The compost screen lets you sift rough compost directly into the cart and haul it to where you need it. The 1/4" hardware cloth screen is secured with rabbeted battens – designed to allow the screen tray to slide back far enough to scoop compost out of the cart. You can set pots or planting trays on the compost screen for easy filling and any excess compost falls back into the cart.

Planting tray

compost screen slides back to access compost in cartThe shallow planting tray sits securely on top of the the cart or stacked on the compost screen for filling seed trays or wheeling to your planting location. The trays are perfect for collecting cut flowers and rinsing off vegetables as well.

Routed finger holds on the sides and ends of both trays make them easy to pick up and carry.


The cover is sized to fit on top of the cart itself or the stacked compost and planting trays.

Build Your Own Stonehaven Garden Planting Cart

With moderate woodworking skills, common workshop tools, and our easy-to-follow woodworking plans, you can build your own Garden Planting Cart.

These plans include:

  • dimensioned drawings
  • colour photographs
  • materials and hardware list
  • complete step-by-step instructions

    — all in an 29-page printable PDF file that you won’t find anywhere else.

    garden cart sample page pic

    (To check out the quality of the printable document you’ll get with Stonehaven woodworking plans, click on the small picture at right to download a FREE sample page.)

    Buy Now — Securely and Conveniently — and Download Your Plans Instantly

    These Stonehaven Garden Planting Cart – woodworking plans are available for US $12.00 (plus GST/HST in Canada) — with secure online payment and instant delivery. Plans are supplied in printable PDF format.

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