Review: Milescraft 1407 D/T Featherboard

my-milescraft-featherboard-in-stacked-configuration After a bit of a break from any serious woodworking, I started on a new project recently that required cutting tongue and groove joints on the edges of the boards.

Without having to even think about it, I knew I had exactly what I needed to make the cuts safely – my handy-dandy dual featherboard.

It’s actually two featherboards…or one

The great thing about the Milescraft 1407 D/T (which stands for Dual/Tandem) is the different ways you can use it on any power tool with a mitre slot. It’s really two separate featherboards that can be situated in-line, or stacked with the spacer between them for holding stock vertically.

It comes with lots of hardware including mitre bars for 5/8” and 3/4” slots, and T-bolts to fit T-slots on a saw or router fence.


The product reviews on Amazon are mostly positive with one of the most common complaints being the casting quality of the aluminum mitre bars. Some users had to file them down to fit the slots. Mine are a bit rough but I don’t recall having any problems with them fitting the slots of either table saw that I’ve used it on.

stacked-featherboards-are-ideal-for-vertical-cuts I mostly use mine in the stacked configuration and find it does what it’s supposed to do very well.

I think it’s a good quality product and you’d be hard-pressed to come up with a better design made in the shop that can be configured for so many uses.

Since I haven’t compared it to other brands and have not used it in all the configurations I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

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