Revamp a Chair with Leather Belts

screenshot - woven belts from Re habitat video I can really get behind re-purposing and recycling stuff that might otherwise end up getting tossed away.

I’m also a big fan of creative design ideas that keep us from getting too set in our ways and falling into the “that’s the way we always do it” trap.

Rachael Ranney, host of {Re}habitat on Buildipedia’s “Go Green” Channel, shows how to turn an old chair into an eye-catching piece of furniture in her “Swanky Leather Belt Lounge Chair” video.

Easy DIY project

This looks to be a pretty straightforward DIY project that would work for a variety of chair styles. The main criteria would be to use sturdy wooden chairs with square seat and/or back frames.

If you’re anything like me, you may have a collection of old belts cluttering up your closet to get you started. All kinds of belts are easy to find at thrift stores and discount outlets for a reasonable price.

Wood chair with woven belt seat & backBelts running side to side are stapled to the inside of the frame on one side, stretched across the seat and stapled to the other side.

Belts that run front to back are woven through the stretched belts and stapled the same way.

You can find the 7 step by step instructions for this project below the video player on the Buildipedia site.

I’m thinking a set of “belted” dining room chairs would look fantastic.

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