Pet Gates Keep Pups on the Porch

Porch Pet gates

Our sanity is still intact – thanks to a fenced side yard and our porch pet gates.

We recently had the pleasure of a couple of canine houseguests for a 10-day stay while their owners were away. Added to our 3 dogs, that made 5 altogether – 4 retired racing Greyhounds and an elderly Golden Retriever.

While all these dogs are clicker trained and well-behaved, they still got very excited and frequently travelled as a “herd”. Most of the time, we let the dogs have free access to the porch and fenced yard.

Trying to walk 5 dogs simultaneously, while hilarious to watch, is not very productive in a practical sense, so we had to separate one or two from the herd to get them out for walks a couple of times a day.

You can see in the video how easy it is to open the slider and how we use just one of the gates to manage which dog (or dogs) go in or out with us. When we don’t need to use the gates, we open them completely and they’re held against the porch railing with a roller clip.

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