Make Your Own Honey Supers – Free Plans

home made honey supers

One of the most popular woodworking projects for new beekeepers is building hive bodies and honey supers. They’re easy to make, and there are times when we can all use a few more hive boxes than we’ve got on hand — especially in “swarm season”!

With a few basic carpentry skills and our easy-to-follow FREE woodworking plans — you can build your own beehive boxes!

Build Your Own Honey Supers and Hive Bodies (Brood Boxes)

Our FREE construction plans include detailed diagrams and colour photographs, a materials and hardware list, and complete step-by-step instructions — all in a printable PDF file that you can download immediately.

This design uses regular 3/4″ lumber with rabbeted corners instead of box joints. They can be built by anyone with basic woodworking tools and skills. The illustrations show honey super construction, but the dimensions and instructions for building deep supers (a.k.a. hive bodies or brood boxes) are also included.

Get Your FREE Honey Super Construction Plans Here!

Woodworking plans to build your own Honey Supers are completely FREE, for immediate download. No purchase is necessary — no strings attached. We send you a special link that you just click to save the PDF woodworking plans to your own computer. It’s just that easy!

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Why are we giving away these plans?

It’s pretty simple, really. You might not know us yet, or know what kind of care and attention we put into drawing up plans for our woodworking projects. So this is a “free sample” of what we have to offer. If you like it, we hope you’ll come back again to see more from the Stonehaven workshop — because we’re adding new stuff all the time!

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