Original Design Woodworking Plans

All of our original design woodworking plans include:

– Detailed Drawings – Colour Photographs
– Step-by-Step Instructions – Materials & Hardware List
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Stonehaven Rustic Console Table

Stonehaven rustic console table

This simple rustic console table is one of my favourite original furniture pieces. The table is made of common spruce 2 x 4’s and 1 x 4 lumber commonly used for strapping. These materials are cheap, easy to find at any DIY building supply store.

Stonehaven Cubby Coat Rack

Stonehaven Cubby Coat Rack

This inexpensive and easy-to-build wall-mounted coat rack with cubbies keeps all your outdoor gear and accessories in one place. Perfect for the hall, kitchen or mudroom – wherever you may be short on closet space – what you need is always ready to grab and go. (more)

Stonehaven Washstand Vanity


This 40” x 24” pine vanity has the look and charm of an old-fashioned washstand that would have had held a ceramic water pitcher and a washbowl for cleaning up in the pre-plumbing days. It features six functional slab drawers and a recessed panel door, inset in a narrow pine face frame. The exposed “ladder end” adds the finishing touch to the authentic furniture look. (more)

Stonehaven Recycling Bin Cabinet


This Recycling Bin Cabinet is an original Stonehaven design that combines the style and charm of an antique furniture piece with the practical management of your household recycling. Just open the drawer and drop your recyclables into the proper roadside bin. On recycling day you grab the bin and take it to the curb for pickup. How easy is that? (more)

Sofa Saver End Tables

If you have cats you’ll love these unique & practical wrap-around end tables! Protect your expensive new couch from your favourite feline’s irresistible urge to scratch…or cover existing damage from sharp claws after the damage is done. (more)

Cottage Bookcase Bed

The Stonehaven Cottage Bookcase Bed has a bookcase headboard and a tray-style bed frame. The headboard features a full-width open shelf above enclosed storage with plenty of space for paperbacks, lotions, jewelry, medications and other night-time necessities. (more)


How to Build Traditional Porch Railings


Whether you’re renovating an old farmhouse or building a new home these downloadable woodworking plans will guide you through the rewarding process of crafting your own sturdy and beautiful wooden railings and dressing up structural posts. (more)

How to Build Porch Skirting, Soffits & Fascias

Stonehaven Veranda railings soffit & skirting

Add the finishing touches to your project with deck skirt boards, a drip rail and lattice panels. The screened lattice panels prevent wasps and other insects from nesting under your deck. And the attached heavy duty landscape fabric will keep the weeds from taking over. (more)

Build No-Sag Gates for your Porch or Deck

pet gates for veranda

Visitors will be intrigued by the remarkably simple, yet sophisticated concealed sliding closure of these decorative and functional gates. – and the steel reinforced corners will prevent the sagging common to many gates as they age. (more)


BEE-Mate Construction Plans

How many times have you wished you had an extra pair of hands, or some kind of field stand to hold a frame or two while you’re working your hives? Well, here’s the solution — a folding work bench we’ve used for years in our own small apiary! (more)

Roadside Honey Stand Construction Plans

Stonehaven roadside honey stand

Looking for a way to sell your surplus honey? Why not let it “sell itself” in your own self-serve Roadside Honey Stand. The Stonehaven Roadside Honey Stand operates on the honor system – enabling your customers to serve themselves – even when you’re not home. (more)

Honey Money Bank Construction Plans

The “piggy bank” has been around for as long as many of us can remember. We all need somewhere to keep loose coins, until we spend them or roll them up to cart off to the “real” bank.

Bee Hive Planter Construction Plans (FREE)

Here’s a unique way bring a beekeeping theme into your home garden. It’s made using a standard bottom board, deep super and a medium super. The cap is built to resemble a conventional hive cover. The open center allows access to one or more potted plants which sit on a shelf. (more)

Honey Super Construction Plans (FREE)

One of the most popular woodworking projects for new beekeepers is building hive bodies and honey supers. They’re easy to make, and there are times when we can all use a few more hive boxes than we’ve got on hand — especially in “swarm season”! (more)