Money Bank Gift Packaging for Better Honey Sales

roadside honey stand productsBeekeepers, do you sell your honey to craft shops and specialty gift stores, at farmers markets or at the farm gate in your own roadside stand?

Add value to your honey sales during gift-giving season — or package up your honey as a special homemade gift for your own friends and loved ones.

Just tuck a small jar of honey into a miniature beehive that’s really a clever coin bank!

Certain types and sizes of small honey jars will fit inside our Honey Money Bank. Long after the honey’s gone, the coin bank will be a useful reminder for your customers to come back for more…

The Honey Money Bank is a Stonehaven original design (© 2005) that you won’t find anywhere else — but now you can build your own! All it takes is basic woodworking skills and tools, and an afternoon of your time. Our woodworking plans tell you just how to build it, and you can even add a custom paint job to decorate your beehive bank, so it’s truly one of a kind!

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