Saw on it. Stand on it. Sit on it.

clamping 2 x 4 to work stepI didn’t make this handy little work step, but it’s the first thing I grab when it’s time to change a light bulb, paint a room, or get down & dusty on a reno project.

It’s been dinged, danged and dunged (well, not actually “dunged”) in the line of duty over the past 30 years – and it’s got the scars to prove it.

I want to share the joy of owning this nifty work step… but I only have the one.

Soooo… I reverse-engineered some plans to build one just like it, and now I’m making them available for free to Stonehaven Life subscribers.

So why would you want one?

work step as drilling platformBecause…

It’s a workbench:

• cut lumber, shims, & insulation on it
• nail and screw things together on it
• clamp stuff to it with all types of clamps
• drill holes through the open hand hold

It’s a step stool:

standing on workstep - lightbulb

• for cutting in paint at ceilings
• for drywalling and crack filling
• for wiping the spaghetti sauce off the ceiling
• for whenever you wish you were 13 1/2″ taller

It’s a seat:

• save your knees & back – why crouch when you can sit?
• pull it up next to the table saw for your lunch break

I love my work step.

If it ever spontaneously explodes, I’ll have to drop everything and build another one.

Fortunately, I have the plans.

You can too…

Subscribe today and get the detailed Woodworking Plans to build this multi-purpose step stool.

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