Make a Right-angle Clamping Jig

Right-angle jigs hold cabinet gable Anyone who’s ever built a cabinet or frame will appreciate the critical need to get everything lined up straight and square. That’s where a jig is indispensible.

I made a couple these right-angle clamping jigs last year from a design I found in an old Wood Magazine “Tips, Jigs & Organizers” print publication.

It’s an excellent design made of 3/4″ shop grade plywood and very easy to make.


Make a Pair

The 2” hole makes it easy to get a quick-grip or spring clamp into position to hold things temporarily while you square it all up and clamp it properly for fastening.Right-angle jig dimensions

The two notches allow you to clamp securely to each component. I clamped the whole assembly to the worksurface so it wouldn’t slide when screwing the pieces together.

You should make at least two, so you can position one at each edge of a cabinet case.

I made my pair to assist in assembling a vanity and medicine cabinet I built for a bathroom reno.

A tip of the hat to the editors of Wood Magazine for another great woodworking jig.


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