Make a Honey Money Bank

The “piggy bank” has been around for as long as many of us can remember. We all need somewhere to keep loose coins, until we spend them or roll them up to cart off to the “real” bank.

Well, here’s the perfect coin bank for beekeepers who need somewhere to stash their hard-earned Honey Money. Even if you’re not a beekeeper, it’s an easy-to-make craft project that will look great on your desk or hall table.

An original Stonehaven design, the Honey Money Bank is a unique and practical woodworking project you won’t find anywhere else —

Yes, it’s a money bank in the shape of a true-to-life miniature beehive!

Build Your Own “Honey Money” Bank

This craft project is suitable for anyone with basic woodworking skills and tools — it can be built using only a table saw and a table-mounted router, although an electric sander is also recommended.

Our money bank construction plans include a materials cut list, step-by-step directions with detailed drawings and photographs, assembly instructions, and a metric conversion table for the convenience of overseas woodworkers.

There’s even a full-sized template you can use to make a stencil for painting the handles on the little beehive coin bank (and we’ve got some other suggestions for decorative painting, too, if you’re feeling artistic).

The finished Honey Money Bank measures about 3 1/2″ x 4 1/8″ x 7″ high.

(To check out the quality of the printable document you’ll get with Stonehaven woodworking plans, click on the small picture at right to download a FREE sample page.)

Buy Now — Securely and Conveniently — and Download Your Plans Instantly

Plans to build your own Stonehaven Honey Money Bank are available for US $3.95 (plus GST/HST in Canada) — with secure online payment and instant delivery. Plans are supplied in printable PDF format.

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