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How to Make Stopped Chamfers

baluster with stopped chamfer

The stopped chamfer is an elegant and easy-to-make detail, commonly used on furniture, cabinets, railing balusters and posts. They’re fast and easy to make using a table-mounted router with a 45 degree chamfering bit, especially if you need several identical pieces. (more)

installed crownCabinet Crown Moulding Tips

A lot of DIY homeowners get their cabinets installed and then run up against the question of how to attach crown moulding to the cabinetry. I deal with crown mouldings every day, designing cabinets for kitchens, baths and other rooms for a local custom cabinet shop. (more)

glue-sawdust 8 Wood Glue Squeeze-Out Tips

In preparation for gluing up some joints, I decided to see what the general consensus was on dealing with the “squeeze-out”. After checking out a number of woodworking forums and web sites, I  boiled it down to this list of 8 tips, including 2 unique ones. (more)

vanity leg at wall
How to Scribe Cabinets to Walls

In a perfect world, walls would flat and plumb. In the real world they rarely are. To get a good fit between a cabinet and the wall, without gaps, you need to scribe it to the contour of the wall. This sounds harder than it really is. (more)

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