Who Needs a Home Workshop?

When I think of the  term "home workshop", in my minds eye I see woodworkers, backyard mechanics, or guys (yeah, I’ll admit it – guys) who just like to tinker around with stuff in general.

While few of us may "need" a home workshop in the same context that we need food, shelter, financial security and such, (and some will argue the fine line between "wanting" and "needing") the desire to have one is usually rooted in a need to address a practical situation that enables us to be self-reliant in some aspect of our life.

But a workshop isn’t necessarily a "guy thing" either.

dining room table chaos The sewing room has been around for generations. And more recently, it’s become common to find home offices, media rooms, scrapbooking rooms and gift wrapping rooms (this last one’s a real head-scratcher for me) in many households.

All are spaces allocated for performing specific tasks – whether it’s work, a hobby or what have you.

Although I’m focused on my vision of a workshop, I believe many of the same ideas and design principles can translate to other home workspaces with a bit of creative thinking – and without spending a lot of money.

Use your imagination to find practical ways to set up your workspace so you can function effectively, store the "fiddly bits" (so you can find them when you need them), and generally look forward to spending time being productive whether you’re working or playing.

So if you’re fed up with clearing your craft paints off the dining table because the in-laws are coming, or thinking about turning Sarah’s old bedroom into that home office,  or have finally determined that maybe you do actually “need” that woodworking shop… stay tuned.

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