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Woodworking: Pick a Pocket Joint

Like most DIYers, I’m not a master woodworker…not by a long shot. While I fully appreciate the inherent beauty and strength of well-crafted dovetail, mortise & tenon, and dowel joints, I’m just not that committed to traditional joinery when there’s a faster and easier solution – like pocket joints. (more)


Review: Milescraft 1407 D/T Featherboard

After a bit of a break from any serious woodworking, I started on a new project recently that required cutting tongue and groove joints on the edges of the boards. Without having to even think about it, I knew I had exactly what I needed to make the cuts safely – my handy-dandy dual featherboard. (more)


Ridgid R4510 with onboard extension table folded for movingRIDGID R4510 On-Board Extension Table – Plans

I’ve finally finished the on-board extension table for my Ridgid R4510 portable table saw – and you can get the plans to build your own right here, right now – for FREE! (more)


Right-angle jigs hold cabinet gableMake a Right-angle Clamping Jig

I made a couple these right-angle clamping jigs last year from a design I found in an old Wood Magazine "Tips, Jigs & Organizers" print publication.

It’s an excellent design made of 3/4" shop grade plywood and very easy to make. (more)


Post driver bottom

A Fence Post Driver Works Wonders

Anyone who’s used a sledgehammer to pound in dozens of steel fence posts will recognize the true value of a fence post driver – it’s faster, easier and a lot safer for setting fence posts and stakes. (more)


RIDGID R4510 Table Saw Yesss! – RIDGID R4510 Table Saw

I needed to replace my table saw in 2010 in order to tackle a full-blown bathroom reno. I have a small basement shop and need to cut plywood sheets in my garage so I wanted something I could easily move between the two workspaces. (more)


toolbelt without tools 12 Home Tools You Need  (5-part series)

These 12 tools will get you started. Over time, you’ll discover more things you want to fix, replace or build. You’ll quickly discover that for every simple task that you want to do yourself – you need specific tools to do it right. (more)



cu chamfer for sawdustHandy Shop Tips for Plywood

I’m on a mission to make jigs and other shop-related items. I picked up a stack of plywood in various thicknesses for the purpose. I work by myself in my small basement shop, which is too small to manoeuvre large sheets. I’ve discovered some handy tips (more)

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