A Bit About Stonehaven

Stonehaven Life is an online project of MindsEye Productions (sounds very corporate, doesn’t it?), based in New Brunswick, Canada. We call our house “Stonehaven” because it’s got an awesome foundation of huge granite blocks, and a lot of rocks in the vegetable garden.

Rick Tiling tub areaA Bit About Me – Rick Atkinson

My professional and freelance career has cut a swath across several fields, contributing to my unique mix of interests & experiences – musician… retail manager… video producer/editor… beekeeper… CAD designer… woodworker… do-it-yourselfer…

Looking in the rear-view mirror, the common themes that seem to tie my life experiences together are the core values that I believe are integral to accomplishing goals that truly stand up to the test of time:

  • Take the time to plan believe me, haste really does make waste
  • Be a team playerwhether leading or following, be an asset – not a liability
  • Details matterif it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing your best

That said…

Stonehaven Life – DIY@home is about sharing the collective knowledge and experience we’ve all gained along the way, and investing what we’ve learned into our most treasured retreats – our homes.

Welcome to Stonehaven Life.



“Experience is what you usually get when you were expecting something else.” – author unconfirmed

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