5 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

mitre hook from lee valley tools Every woodworker I know has a list of stuff that they’d like to have, but just never get around to getting them. It’s not necessarily the price or the effort to make it happen, stuff just drifts to back of your mind when other things take priority.

Nothing increases the length of my wish list like a trip through the latest Lee Valley Tools catalogue.

If you’ve never browsed the Lee Valley website or delved into their catalogues, you’re missing out on an amazing trip through a   veritable ( or should I say "Veritas® ") wonderland of tools, hardware, toys, books and unusual fiddly bits for woodworkers and gardiners.

Here are my 5 top picks for gifts under $20.00.


pax scrapers from lee valley tools Pax Concave & Convex Scrapers

The ideal tool for smoothing, curved sufaces on spindles and moldings. Multiple cutting surfaces from 1/4” – 1 1/2”. Made in Sheffield, England. [read more at Lee Valley]

$11.50 pair (concave or convex) or

$19.95 (set of 4)


bench pucks from lee valley tools Bench Pucks™/ High-Friction disks 

It may sound strange but hockey pucks with these high-friction disks make perfect bench standoffs to get your work up off the benchtop for routing, drilling and other operations. You can even use old chipped pucks.

This is exactly what makes Lee Valley stand out from the pack. [read more at Lee Valley]

Grip disks – $2.95 pkg of 8 / Pucks – $1.00ea


using mitre hook from lee valley tools Mitre Hook

This handy little tool overcomes the frustration of trying to accurately measure from an inside mitre corner.

Two small nails pull the hook into the mitre to position your tape in just the right place.

It also works for outside corners and doubles as a gauge to mark 1/8" and 1/4′ reveals for window and door casings. [read more at Lee Valley]

$9.50 each 


Veritas® miter saddle from lee valley tools Veritas® Miter Saddle

Marking accurate mitres is one thing. Extending the line onto adjacent faces can introduce minor errors.

This saddle allow you to mark the line on two faces without moving the square. [read more at Lee Valley]

$14.50 each


magnetic wrist nail holder from lee valley tools Magnetic Wrist Nail Holder

This nifty wrist strap keep nails and screws within easy reach.

No fumbling around in a belt pouch or over-reaching when you’re up on a ladder.

The six rare-earth magnet can hold up to 1 pound of fasteners, and driver bits. [read more at Lee Valley]


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