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Rockler BladeRunner - using mitre guage as rip fence Imagine having a table saw, jig saw band saw, hacksaw and tile cutter in one portable package – all for less than $200.

Well now you can!

Asa Christiana, editor at Fine Woodworking magazine has run the “mighty” BladeRunner from Rockwell Tools through its paces and gives it high praise, especially for anyone just getting started with woodworking.

What is it?

It’s essentially a jigsaw mounted upside-down in a table. You can make rip, scroll, circle and mitre cuts. Swap blades and you can cut tile and metal.

If this had existed 20 years ago, it would have been the centrepiece my tiny first workshop.

Even though I’ve acquired a lot of power tools over the years, I still don’t have space for a band saw in my small basement shop.

On top of that,  there are times when I just need to make a quick cut and setting up a full-size table saw seems like overkill. I’m giving this a serious look.

Rave reviews all around

The reviews on the Rockwell site seem to be unanimous – this is one handy tool that does what it’s supposed to do.

Review: Robert Raypholtz (Huntington, IN)

I just recieved my bladerunner 6/17/11, I tried it out today 6/18/11, I made a picture frame, a special cross, and some house numbers. Every thing came out great, and I had fun doing it. I put my vac on and was greatly impressed.

This is a father’s day gift, and I am extremly proud of it, and I wouldn’t take a million dollars for it, and I’m on a fixed income. also sells the Rockwell BladeRunner.

Great starting point for new woodworkers

Rockler BladeRunner - cutting curved lineThe BladeRunner would be ideal for someone who wants to make small wooden craft items to sell at markets and such, and a great tool to get you started if you’re cramped for shop space – you can even mount it on the wall!

I would definitely add this to my 12 Home Tools You Need list if you have any desire to try your hand at woodworking.



Images: Fine Woodworking; Rockwell Tools

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