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Well, now that we’ve polished off the last of the turkey and we’re scrounging around in the bottom layer of holiday chocolates, it’s time to contemplate the year ahead.

2011 was hectic for some of us and a relentless economic challenge for many others. We were "#Occupied" and pre-occupied by an unprecedented wave of protests, political crises and natural disasters around the globe.

While we’re not out of the woods yet, it feels to me like there are some positive changes in the wind for 2012.

That said, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for following my Stonehaven Life blog and give you a sneak preview of a few things in the works for 2012.


lee and katelynn american gothic poseRenovation Projects

Meet Lee & Katelynn…

…a pair of young engineers with a creative DIY streak, fabulous sense(s) of humour(s [?]) and two goofy greyhounds that do the occasional sleepover at our house.

These newlywed homeowners have graciously agreed to share some of their renovation explorations here on Stonehaven Life as we head into 2012.



The venue for their wedding in spring of 2011 was next to the apple orchard of the family farm. The beautiful big red barn was the obvious choice for the reception and square dance to follow.

katelynn looks at barn stuffUh… except for this.

Not to be discouraged by a few odds and ends cluttering up the place, they undertook the monumental task of mucking out the machinery, retro appliances and stuff that had accumulated over decades. They tarted the place up with real whitewash and poured a new concrete floor.

Just another day on the farm for them.

In a series starting in January, Lee & Katelynn will share their experience of transforming the barn and decorating it for the one of the best-ever wedding receptions I’ve experienced.

Big Red Barn Dance – Part 1



L&K farmhouse kitchen sink Undaunted by the barn project where they found everything under the sun – including this awesome kitchen sink – Lee & Katelynn are plunging into 2012 with a full-on kitchen renovation inspired by a lack of insulation.

Their home, which was originally a cottage built in the early 1900’s offers lots of opportunities for them to get creative and and put their engineering know-how to work.

Once the dust settles and they come up for air, I hope they can share that experience in another series so stay tuned.


Woodworking Plans

stonehaven washstand vanity WASHSTAND VANITY

I’m finally getting around to compiling the photos, drawings and instructions to complete woodworking plans for the washstand vanity that I built for our bathroom renovation last year.

The vanity is made of stained pine and was designed to suit the age and style of our old farmhouse.

These detailed woodworking plans are now available.


stonehaven medicine cabinet MEDICINE CABINET 

The medicine cabinet is a companion project to the washstand vanity but would be suitable for almost any bathroom.

It’s an easy-to-build project that can be wall-mounted or inset into the stud-space.

Look for these Medicine cabinet plans in spring of 2012.




stonehaven mudroom recycling cabinet

Dealing with recycling is an everyday event that we all deal with.

It seemed that the blue and grey bins that we put out for pickup were always under a pile of other stuff or stacked on top of each other which made recycling a hassle. So when we renovated our mudroom I designed a cabinet for our recycling bins that makes them easy to use and to get to the curb.

One of my New Years resolutions for 2012 is to make these project plans available on the Stonehaven Life site.


Tips and Ideas

Of course I’ll continue to share the usual assortment of tips and ideas as well.

One of the trends that I see on the horizon is the rise of the "sharing economy" which could shape the way we approach our transportation, housing and lifestyle activities. It will be interesting to see how this develops over the next decade as we adapt to the new realities of the changing global economy.

As always, I invite everyone to comment on the blog and to share your ideas on how you DIY@home.

Happy New Year!


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