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Duct tape party supplies (CC BY 2.0) by woodleywonderworks Duct tape is one of the few modern miracles that’s both dispensable and indispensable.

For many people, duct tape is just a boring old roll of shiny grey tape made for sealing ductwork – and maybe repairing the tear in cushion on that old sofa at the cottage.

For others, it’s a multi-purpose DIY tool that you just can’t function without. It’s even used by some artists as a creative medium – just like paint, metal or wood.

To each their own.

Duct taped cardboard computer case - (CC BY 2.0) by playerx As a former musician & video/film production tech and lifetime DIYer, I’ve dispensed a few miles of duct tape in my day. Besides the everyday behind-the-scenes uses like taping down cables, and spike marks for the on-camera talent – duct tape has countless other uses when you’re in a pinch:

  • rigging lights
  • emergency guitar strap
  • repairing drum heads
  • fixing wardrobe malfunctions
  • mounting cameras on cars

…the list is endless.

Of course, since it’s heavily used by the military, they have their own version, usually called "gun tape" or "100 MPH" tape. Theirs comes in black, olive green and desert tan. Yeah, still boring – but for obvious reasons.

Boring no more

The drab old days of grey or black duct tape are over for the rest of us though. Duck Brand’s bold new line of "fashion" duct tape is an innovative and creative exercise in attracting new customers to an otherwise pedestrian product.

Animal prints, stripes, polka dots and rainbows are changing the face (and uses) of duct tape these days. I haven’t looked lately to see if these are available in the local home centre, but here are some examples available at

DIY everything

Apparently designer duct tape is spurring a creative movement within the younger generation who are making jewelery, clothing, wallets  – just about anything – all out of duct tape.

There are dozens of books and YouTube videos that show you how to make everything from flowers to prom dresses. It’s really pretty amazing!


Duct tape Canadian style

Our Canadian claim to DIY duct tape fame naturally comes in the form of humour. From 1991 to 2006, comedian Steve Smith’s on-screen handyman persona "Red Green" was the poster boy for doing anything and everything with duct tape. The show ran on CBC in Canada and PBS in the United States.

Here’s a sample of Red Green’s legendary duct tape prowess.

Watch the video:


I have no idea what new uses we’ll find for duct tape 20 years from now – but one thing’s certain – it’s future sure looks bright!


Images: woodleywonderworks; playerx

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