Design & Planning


floor grate dog doorDesign: Plan For Your Pets

The days of banishing Fido to the doghouse in the backyard would appear to be over. And rightly so.

Today, we consider our pets as much a part of the household as us humans. Pets are our faithful companions and they want to hang out with us, no matter where we are in the house.  (more)



my first house - flickrcc - woodleywonderworksHome Planning for …2020?

Yup. 2020. The consensus seems to be that the US housing market will be stuck in the ditch until at least then.

And when it recovers it will likely look considerably different from the McMansions that were churned out during the bubble boom years.  (more)

Planning & Patience

PLAN AHEad signTwo signs were stuck to the wall above my Dad’s desk at the family photography studio. One said: "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get".   The other said…

These signs not only reveal my Dad’s sense of humour, but added together, they sum up his influence on my philosophy of life and work.  (more)