Business Opportunity for Woodworker/Beekeepers

Build your own business making and selling BeeMates.

Business opportunity. If you’ve been to Stonehaven Life before you may have seen my BeeMate Beekeeping Workbench woodworking plans. You may have even purchased the plans and built your own.

Now I’m offering a great part-time business opportunity that you can start in a small garage workshop and build up over time.

I designed the BeeMate back in 2004. Since then, beekeepers from Australia to Europe have purchased the BeeMate woodworking plans and built this handy beekeeping workbench for their own use. But there are millions of beekeepers in the world – and most of us don’t build our own equipment – we buy it.

The Opportunity

Licensing opportunities are available to motivated entrepreneurs who’d like to make money building and selling the BeeMate beekeeping workbench to the growing number of hobby beekeepers that can’’t build their own. With sustainable urban beekeeping on the rise, the market potential looks even better for the future.

You don’t have to be a beekeeper to take advantage of this opportunity, but it sure helps to know your market. An enterprising woodworker teamed up with an enthusiastic beekeeper could build a BeeMate business together.

If this isn’t for you, but you know someone who just might be interested, send them the link so they don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Watch the Beemate Beekeeping Workbench video

You can buy the BeeMate Beekeeping Workbench construction plans for just US $5.95 to try it for yourself.

Build a part-time business

At this point, I’m not about to start building and selling BeeMates myself – but I have given plenty of thought as to how I’d go about it:

  • show how it works at local beekeepers meetings/field days and take orders. (Use the demonstration video above to spread the word).
  • sell them wholesale or on consignment to local beekeeping supply stores
  • build BeeMates in the off-season to sell in the prime beekeeping spring & summer months
  • build several at a time for more efficient production
  • advertise online (ie. website, Facebook, etc.) and sell to customers anywhere you wish
  • sell them ready-to-assemble at a base price and fully assembled at a premium
  • can be shipped as a ready-to-assemble unit (3 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ x 48″) complete with assembly instructions

BeeMate Manufacturer Licensing

beemate-shop-promoLicensing may sound intimidating, but it’s not. What it really boils down to is I’m simply granting you my permission to legally build and sell BeeMates to other beekeepers.

A renewable two-year license grants you exclusive* manufacturing rights within a specified geographic region negotiated in the licensing agreement. Here’s the deal.

  • license fees are negotiated on a region by region basis
  • each US State/Canadian Province is considered a geographic region (multi-State/Province licences can be negotiated)
  • licenses for other countries and continents are available
  • you can set your own BeeMate price
  • no royalty fees to pay
  • website links and contact information for currently licensed manufacturers will be posted here and on my BeeMate plans page
  • access to online resource pages with promotional material, images, jig design ideas, and packaging tips for shipping
  • consulting on manufacturing process, design and marketing

*no other manufacturing licenses will be issued within a currently licensed region (ie. State, Province), however, the internet leads to everywhere so there are no geographical restrictions on sales and distribution for any licensee.

For licensing information:

Contact me: (please add “license” after your name)

License inquiries will be considered on a first-come first-served basis for each region so please indicate the region you’re interested in.

beemate-promo-rick Test your local market with a Trial License

If you’re interested in this unique business opportunity but aren’t ready to commit to a long-term license agreement – here’s the answer.

You can purchase a 90 day trial license to test your local market, work out your pricing & shipping costs, and determine if this really is a business for you. If you decide to go for the gold with a standard two-year renewable license, your trial license fee will be deducted from the two-year license fee for your region.

Assuming you’ve already purchased the BeeMate Plans, here are the trial license details:

Trial Manufacturing License (90 days) – US $45.00

  • only one trial license will be issued per geographic region**
  • build and sell as many BeeMates as you want
  • you can set your own price
  • no royalty fees to pay
  • your contact information (text only, no link) will be posted on my BeeMate plans page during the Trial term.
  • consulting via email for manufacturing and marketing
  • 30 day grace period for trial licensees while negotiating a two-year renewable license (120 days maximum).

**this guarantees the licensee has first option to extend their trial license to a two-year renewable term. If a trial license expires, the region will be offered to the next licensee in the queue.

Getting down to business

Like any self-employment business venture, the BeeMate manufacturing license arrangement I’m offering will require your time, dedication, and commitment if you expect to succeed (and you should plan to enjoy doing it too… it’s human nature to do more of what we enjoy and less of what we don’t.)

If this unique opportunity sounds perfect for you, I’d love to hear from you.

For licensing information:

Contact me: (please add “license” after your name)

License inquiries will be considered on a first-come first-served basis for each region so please indicate the region you’re interested in.

Happy beekeeping!

Rick at Stonehaven Life

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