Build No-Sag Gates for your Porch or Deck

No more fumbling with finicky gate latches or rusted steel sliding bolts!

Porch gate with concealed closure

These unique pet gates will allow you to let your dog lounge off-leash in safety and comfort on your porch or deck – or guide them to a fenced yard where they can play or get down to “business”.

Visitors will be intrigued by the remarkably simple, yet sophisticated concealed sliding closure of these decorative and functional gates. You can easily slide the knob open even with shopping bags or a casserole in your hands

– and the steel reinforced corners will prevent the sagging common to many gates as they age.

Designed with Dogs in Mind

The pet gates were an integral part of our new porch addition. The plan included fencing the adjacent side yard for easy access by our retired Greyhounds and Golden Retriever where they could be “relieved on their own recognizance” while we were elsewhere in the house or yard.
gate receiving pocketDogs have free access to fenced yard





I wanted the gates to reflect the porch railing style but not have them look “heavy” so I scaled down the various components accordingly. When not in use, the gates are held open against the support posts with simple roller clips attached to the bottom rail

Note: these are NOT childproof or intended to function as “baby gates”. Children should be supervised at all times even when the gates are closed.

Adapt this Design for Garden or Fence Gates

Many fence gates inevitably sag over time even with the traditional “Z” reinforcing brace or else they incorporate heavy exposed reinforcing brackets which are functional but not attactive. Closed gates with dog on deck These plans include ideas on how this original design could be adapted as a single gate in a decorative garden arbour or fence.

Our Build No-Sag Gates for your Porch or Deck woodworking plans include detailed diagrams and colour photographs, a materials and hardware list, and complete step-by-step instructions — all in a 14-page printable PDF file that you won’t find anywhere else.

Sample page image2 To check out the quality of the printable document you’ll get with Stonehaven woodworking plans, click on the small picture at right to download a FREE sample page.)

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These Stonehaven Build No-Sag Gates for your Porch or Deck – woodworking plans are available for US $7.00 (plus GST/HST in Canada) — with secure online payment and instant delivery. Plans are supplied in printable PDF format.


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