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Duluth trading bucket boss Now THIS is a good idea!

I can’t even begin to count how many trips I wouldn’t have made back to the workshop if I had one of these.

Duluth Trading Co. launched their company on this one simple product – the "Bucket Boss"- a tool organizer that hangs over a plastic bucket.

This thing has 56 organizing pockets for tools of all sizes and the latest version even has a padded holster to hold your cordless drill.

If you’re just starting to acquire a few tools, this would be a great way to keep them all organized and ready to go.

If you’ve already got a bazillion of them, you could keep this puppy loaded with your go-to tools and hit the ground running on any DIY project.


…and while I was browsing around the Duluth Trading site I found these items I thought deserve an "Honourable Mention".

Duluth Trading buckle-free belt


Buckle-free belt

Every woodworker or car enthusiast has had at least one "D’oh" moment that could have been avoided by wearing one of these buckle-free belts that won’t gouge your work.


Longtail_TVad_600x280Longtail T-shirts

This one requires no further comment :-)




Images: Duluth Trading Co.

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The wife picked up one of these to keep my tools organized. It has been very handy for our bedroom renovation as it keeps everything in one spot. The only disadvantage is having the drill and hammer on the same side makes for a lopsided bucket.

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