Build a Beekeeping Work Bench

Stonehaven beemate-framesBeekeepers!

How many times have you wished you had an extra pair of hands, or some kind of field stand to hold a frame or two while you’re working your hives?

Well, here’s the solution — a folding work bench, invented by a Canadian beekeeper and used for years in our own small apiary!

The Stonehaven BEE-Mate
A Folding Work Stand for Beekeepers

This handy “Beekeeper’s Helper” is a convenient work stand to set supers on, with a rack to hang up frames — whether you’re making up nucs, sorting frames, or just checking in on the “girls” during swarm season.

The BEE-Mate field stand’s 18-inch height makes beekeeping easier on your back and knees, especially when you’re working with supers loaded with honey. It also comes in handy in the workshop, as an extra work surface when you’re building or repairing frames and supers.

When it’s not in use, the BEE-Mate folds up to a space-saving 4 inches deep — so you can easily hang it on the wall or tuck it behind a door, out of the way.

Watch the BEE-mate Beekeeping Work Bench video

Hot off the press! Now you can buy a BeeMate too.

I’m pleased to announce that now you can buy a BeeMate Beekeeping Workbench. Little Creek Bee Ranch in Inola, Oklahoma is our first Licensed BeeMate manufacturer and sells the BeeMate fully assembled or as a ready-to-assemble package.

If you’re interested in building and selling the BeeMate beekeeping workbench, check out this business opportunity.

Build Your Own BEE-Mate

Build one with just a table saw and power drill!

With a few basic carpentry skills and our easy-to-follow construction plans , now you can build your own Stonehaven BEE-Mate!

These plans include detailed diagrams and colour photographs, a materials and hardware list, and complete step-by-step instructions — all in an 8-page printable PDF file.

A Metric/Imperial measurement conversion chart is included with the construction plans for the convenience of International customers.

(To check out the quality of the printable document you’ll get with Stonehaven woodworking plans, click on the small page at right to download a FREE sample page.)

Buy Now — Securely and Conveniently — and Download Your Plans Instantly

Plans to build your own Stonehaven BEE-Mate are available for US $5.95 (plus GST/HST in Canada) — with secure online payment and instant delivery. Plans are supplied in printable PDF format.

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